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The dream of flying…soaring among the clouds— can be traced back to the beginning of humankind itself. Hangglidin’ makes it a reality. If you share the dream of flight, sign up on to join a group of pilots on their next flight, or create your own event to meet new friends. Let us help you start your adventure.

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While dreams of flying may be common, those daring enough to actually do it can be few and far between. If you’re looking for other birds of the same feather, sign up on to reach out to other hanggliders in your area. Sign up and start networking!

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Want to follow in the Wright Brothers’ footsteps in Kitty-Hawk, North Carolina, soar over the tropical foliage in Hawaii, or brave the wind currents in South Africa? Explore our comprehensive database of hangglidin’ locations to plan your next flight, or add your favorite to our list.

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Do you have perfectly usable gliders, harnesses, or other accessories collecting dust around your garage? Use to sell or donate your used gear to someone who is new to the sport, or just upgraded their piloting license. is the place to buy or sell used hangglidin’ equipment.

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